IMG_0384Have you ever  fallen in love?  I mean, really, really, fallen head over heels in love… with a cookbook?  I have, many, many times, and I have a cookbook collection to prove it!  I met my latest crush last week through a good friend.  She gave me a wonderful gift, actually a re-gift of sorts.  It came from a local “thrift store” of discards on the island of Nantucket.  It is a beautiful, gently used signed (to someone named John) copy of a cookbook titled, “Here’s to Nantucket.”  That’s right, signed by the chef, Jean Charles Berruet.  He was the chef/proprietor of the Chanticleer Inn Restaurant on Nantucket island for thirty five years!  The book is filled with traditional French recipes with a New England spin.  Chef Jean Charles is originally from Brittany, France.  By the way, I love French food and French cooking.  I will be cooking up some recipes from the book on upcoming blog posts…Coquilles St Jacques, mousse au chocolat mes amis?

Thank you to my good friend for the cookbook, and merci to John (whoever you are), and to Jean Charles Berruet for the inspiration!  Bon chance and bon appetit!  See you again soon.


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